When a heavy storm comes or a pipe leaks, your basement or crawlspace are often the most vulnerable areas of your home for flooding and water damage. If you have dealt with flooding problems in the past, you know they can be frustrating and expensive. Rather than relying on simply hoping that your basement or crawlspace will not be impacted by flooding again, come to us at Basement Technologies of Western NC for waterproofing.

Our exterior waterproofing involves inspecting

Though the exact procedures we use will vary slightly from house to house, when you come to us for waterproofing, you can expect us to use three basic methods:

  1. Interior waterproofing – From the inside of your home, certain steps can be taken to prevent water intrusion. These include sealants and coatings. We are the only approved EnviroShield applicator in North Carolina. EnviroShield is a safe, water-based product that prevents mold growth.
  2. Exterior waterproofing – Our exterior waterproofing involves inspecting for areas where water might be coming in and then blocking the water with drainage systems or waterproof sealants.
  3. Drainage – We find that many flooding issues are due to poor drainage. We can inspect your system and take steps toward creating better drainage systems.

When it comes to water intrusion issues, we have firsthand experience so we understand the stress you may be feeling. We have been a trusted resource since our company began in 2000, so we have the experience and knowhow you need to always expect reliable solutions and expert service from our team. Call us today to learn how our waterproofing services can help you.