With our help, you’ll never need to worry about a flooded basement again.

Do you have a flooded basement and want answers as to what happened? Do you want to be proactive with waterproofing services to avoid having a flooded basement? If you said yes to either of these questions, our professionals here at Basement Technologies of Western NC are here to help! We have been providing interior and exterior basement waterproofing solutions for more than two decades. We analyze each property to determine the best course of action to resolve or prevent a flooded basement.

Our owner is very active in the company. This dedication ensures that you get the best possible advice and service from start to completion. Your questions and concerns will always be addressed to your complete satisfaction so you know what to expect and what can be done to prevent a flooded basement in the future. Between basement waterproofing, ventilation, and sump pump installation, there is a very good chance your days of worrying about a flooded basement will be in the past.

Our goal is to provide ultimate protection for your home and that goes beyond just avoiding a flooded basement. We look at everything, and we do mean everything! You can rest assured that we’ll go through all the waterproofing options, such as drain system installation, ventilation system design and installation, dehumidifier installation, downspout and gutter installation, and more that will give you the dry basement or crawlspace that is necessary for the health of your home and your family. Reach out today with any questions you might have or to schedule an appointment.