The ATMOX crawlspace system can be the ideal solution for ventilation shortfalls under your home.

Do you like to support U.S. companies whenever possible, especially those within your home state? At Basement Technologies of Western NC, we do too! So, we were quite excited to find ATMOX, a local company that has an incredibly effective solution for ventilation concerns for our customers.

The ATMOX crawlspace system is a low-voltage ventilation system that is energy-efficient and is completely automatic, so you never have to guess as to whether to open or close the vents again. It intuitively gauges when fresh, dry air is needed to control moisture under your home. There is also the option of adding a dehumidifier if our inspection indicates that you need added help to keep the crawlspace dry.

Customers who have chosen the ATMOX crawlspace system have been quite pleased with their quiet operation and the efficient way it uses a dew point comparison to determine when to create a cross circulation of air to avoid the potential issues related to a high-humidity crawlspace situation. If you have noticed your HVAC system struggling to control humidity in your home, your flooring is having adverse reactions to humidity and moisture, or you have mold making an appearance, these are all signs that your home’s crawlspace is too wet or damp.

We can conduct a thorough inspection to ascertain the reason for this and make a recommendation for ventilation and/or waterproofing that can resolve the issue. We will go over whether the ATMOX system is the best option for you and answer any questions that you might have about it. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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ATMOX Systems

ATMOX Systems

We can assess your home and let you know if ATMOX systems are the solution for your crawlspace moisture problem. It is always nice when…

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