Basement Ventilation

Basement ventilation could be the solution you need for a wet basement.

Enjoying a dry basement involves two factors: waterproofing and ventilation. If either of these is neglected, you could have moisture issues that affect more than the basement of your home. At Basement Technologies of Western NC, we understand the important role that basement ventilation plays. When we perform a basement inspection, we are looking at every nook and cranny for existing problems, and we use our 20 years of experience to come up with the right solution.

It may seem counterintuitive to not have a basement sealed up tight. The energy efficiency gurus have pounded it into our heads for the past couple of decades that air is the bad guy. The reality is that without adequate basement ventilation, the air becomes stagnant, which is far from pleasant, and it can also result in condensation and moisture issues. When this happens, the humidity rises in the basement, as well as throughout your home. This can lead to mold problems, flooring damage, and having your HVAC system work harder than necessary.

When you contact us to schedule our $125 extensive basement inspection, we will look at everything that could be causing water and moisture issues in your basement. We will also come up with a plan of action that could involve basement ventilation or waterproofing, or a combination of both, to give you the dry basement that you desire. Reach out today to learn more or to schedule an inspection whether you suspect a problem or want peace of mind that all is well.