Combat Mold With Ventilation

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Is your home plagued by mold? Are you constantly sick in your stuffy, damp house? You don’t have to pay for an expensive encapsulation system. Instead, hire Basement Technologies of Western NC, LLC to improve your home’s ventilation system. It’s our goal to save you money, which is why we opt for a more cost-effective solution to your ventilation problem.

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Poor ventilation is an issue for many crawlspaces today. Many homes are built with a ventilation set-up that does not work. Porches, deck, and garages can all block air flow. Some of the biggest questions that we get are "should I keep vents open? Should I close them? Should I install a dehumidifier? Should I encapsulate? What exactly is encapsulation?" However, the more research that you do and the more that you read, you find that the "facts" are slanted toward the product that they are trying to sell.

For years we used "power vents" but found that they are not the best solution either. We found out about a system called "ATMOX" developed by a company in Charlotte, NC. Presently, it seems to be not only an economical solution but an actual solution that has improved the health of customers' homes drastically. We have installed 9 in the past 4 months and are getting great results. We encourage you to go online and check it out - it makes sense!

Ready to let us install a self-sufficient ventilation in your home? We’ll stop by your house in the Hickory, NC area to take a look at your current ventilation system. Then, we’ll install an intake system and exhaust fans as needed to circulate air in your home. If you ever run into any problems, we can maintain and repair your system. Learn more by calling 828-441-1717 today.