5 Key Signs That you Need Basement WaterproofingHere at Basement Technologies of Western NC we have had firsthand experience dealing with water intrusion in basements, and we know the myriad of problems it can lead to. We want to help you prevent these issues. But how do you know if you need basement waterproofing?

  1. Smell One easy way to know you need basement waterproofing is the smell. You can often smell a water problem well before you can see it. If you notice a musty smell, make a call right away.
  2. Mold – Mold comes from moisture, so if you see mold, you know water has been around. Mold can be dangerous and can grow quickly if not taken care of early on.
  3. Water stains or rust – Water leaks will usually leave a mark. You may spot water stains on the walls or rust on the metal in your basement. These stains and rust mean that water has leaked through, and unless protective measures are taken, it will happen again.
  4. White chalky streaks on your walls – The minerals inside of wet concrete are drawn to the surface after the water evaporates. This can create white chalky streaks on your walls or make your walls appear to sparkle. This is a serious sign that you need to get your home checked for water issues.
  5. Bowed or cracked walls or cracked floors – When the soil around your home’s foundation gets saturated it expands then condenses when dry. This can cause your walls to bow. If bowed walls are not attended to, they can lead to hairline cracks in the walls or floor. This is a clear sign that you need basement waterproofing.

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