The crawlspace of your home is easy to forget about, but it can actually play a key role in the comfort level and condition of your home. A well-maintained crawlspace means:

  • Improved air quality
  • Tighter control of home temperature
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced problems with pests
  • Reduced chance of mold growth or structural issues

When you call us for a crawlspace inspection

We have specialized in basement and crawlspace maintenance for many years and we have learned what steps are needed to keep your crawlspace in good condition. Not only do crawlspaces need to be kept dry, but they also need to be properly ventilated. Without good ventilation, you will get stagnant, musky smells, but you can also get trapped moisture that leads to far bigger problems. This why we offer crawlspace inspection and ventilation services. We have found proven methods for waterproofing crawlspaces and for ensuring proper ventilation. One method we’ve found to be most effective is the use of ATMOX system, which is a completely automatic, intuitive system that can quickly recognize when you do or don’t need added airflow.

When you call us for a crawlspace inspection and ventilation, we use a far more detailed process than many other companies. We will work with great attention to detail to carefully inspect your sewer system, HVAC system, drainage system, gutters, and foundation. We will also assess the ventilation of your crawlspace and then make any needed recommendations for preventing issues with water damage, mold, pests and more.

Don’t let problems in your crawlspace get ignored any longer. Call us today at Basement Technologies of Western NC to learn more about our crawlspace inspection and ventilation services.