If you have noticed moisture in your crawlspace or you are about to purchase a new home, you will want to schedule a crawlspace inspection. This inspection will give you detailed information about your crawlspace and provide the peace of mind that there are no hidden problems in your home. So what happens during a crawlspace inspection?

What Happens During a Crawlspace Inspection?

  • During your crawlspace inspection, we will first check the entry to your crawlspace to make sure it is the required size. These requirements are to ensure that entry can easily be made into your crawlspace. We will also check that your entry is safe. We will look for exposed nails, standing water, or unprotected electrical wires.
  • Next, we will carefully inspect your crawlspace. A few things that we look for include termites, electrical issues, mold and mildew, moisture, foundation problems, plumbing issues, floor damage, ventilation, and vapor barriers.
  • After the inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report and photographs of the issues. We will also create a plan of action to resolve any moisture issues that we discover. We will completely troubleshoot the problem and even provide an estimate of cost.

While you could explore your crawlspace on your own and notice certain problems, having an experienced professional complete a crawlspace inspection will ensure that all problems are found and even future issues prevented. At Basement Technologies of Western NC, we provide crawlspace inspections for a flat $125 fee. If you are interested in a crawlspace inspection or would like more information, contact us today.