If you have ever purchased a house, you are already familiar with the concept of an extensive inspection process. You certainly wouldn’t close on a house without paying a professional home inspector to look at every nook and cranny to be sure there isn’t a serious and potentially costly problem. You’d be quite disappointed if they just walked through the house and gave the HVAC, roofing, electrical, and plumbing a precursory glance!

The Benefits of an Extensive Inspection Process

You can carry this same need for attentiveness to other types of inspections, such as finding out whether your home has a moisture problem. While many basement and crawlspace waterproofing companies will schedule a free inspection and then quote you for their waterproofing services, what will be far more beneficial to you is an extensive inspection process.

One benefit of a comprehensive inspection process is that you will have complete peace of mind as to whether you truly need waterproofing done. A detailed report with drawings will show you exactly what is going on. Another benefit is that you’ll know the condition of everything that could be contributing to the problem because the sewer system, foundation, gutters, and drainage system will all be thoroughly inspected and scrutinized.

While there is a charge for this in-depth inspection process, it is no less important than that full inspection before purchasing a house. At Basement Technologies of Western NC, we believe the modest $125 charge for our premium inspection process is a bargain for the detailed analysis we provide you. You’ll know definitively if your home has ventilation problems, foundation damage, pipe issues, fungi, condensation issues or cracks. Call today to schedule your inspection!