Condensation in your basement is most likely caused by water vapors that slowly rise from the ground below and make their way through your home’s foundation right into your floors and walls. A basement inspection can help you identify the cause of this moisture and determine exactly how extensive your moisture problem is. Here are some signs it’s time to call us for a basement inspection:

  • The walls in your basement start to look and feel cold and wet.

Signs You Should Call Us for a Basement Inspection

  • Efflorescence (white staining) starts to form on the floors and walls of your basement.
  • You find mold or mildew on your basement floors and walls.
  • There are damp patches on your basement walls that start at the base and then rise upwards.
  • Your basement windows have excessive condensation on them.
  • Any paint or wallpaper you have in your basement rooms starts to peel off.
  • Vinyl, carpet, or tiles in your home’s ground floor or basement start to come loose or lift up in certain spots.
  • Your basement smells musty and mildewy when you walk down to it.

Basement moisture is a problem because it can lead to mold growth, which can damage your home’s foundation and structure. This excess moisture can also lead to damage caused by the condensation itself. Schedule a basement inspection with us today, and we can tell you more about how intensive your moisture damage is and some of the solutions we provide for taking care of wet basements.