While most people don’t go into their basements very often compared to the other rooms in their home, the basement can nonetheless have a significant impact on the rest of the structure. Basements often develop moisture problems that can in turn affect the rest of the house, which is why we at Basement Technologies of Western NC offer basement waterproofing services.

Reasons to Invest in Basement Waterproofing

In this article, we’ll go over a few reasons why we encourage all our clients to invest in basement waterproofing.


  • Preventing Moisture Problems– The first reason why you should invest in basement waterproofing is because it will prevent moisture problems from developing. Our waterproofing services will keep excess moisture out of your basement, which in turn will prevent that moisture from fostering mold growth, attracting pests, and encouraging rot and rust.
  • Preventing Structural Damage– Another reason to invest in basement waterproofing is because it can prevent structural damage. As we mentioned above, excess moisture can cause wood to rot and metal to corrode, which can do serious damage to your structure. By waterproofing your basement, you help ensure that your foundation will not sink and that your important structural supports will not become damaged by moisture.
  • Improve Overall Comfort– A third reason to invest in basement waterproofing is because it can help make your home feel more comfortable overall. Excess moisture can enter your home through the basement and spread throughout your home as humidity, and that humidity can make the air feel uncomfortable, as well as lead to respiratory symptoms.