Here at Basement Technologies of Western NC, we want to help you take care of your home, including the basement or crawlspace. These areas have an unfortunate tendency to develop moisture problems that can affect the rest of the building, which is why we offer waterproofing services to help you prevent these issues before they get started. In this article, we’ll go over a few signs that you may need crawlspace waterproofing services.

Do You Need Crawlspace Waterproofing?

  • Mold and Mildew– One sign that you may need to invest in crawlspace waterproofing is the presence of mold and mildew in the crawlspace. These organisms are drawn to areas with excess moisture, and they can do serious damage to your structures over time. If you notice signs of mold or mildew in your crawlspace, you should consider getting this area waterproofed.
  • High Humidity Indoors– Another sign that you should consider using our crawlspace waterproofing services is high indoor humidity. If the air inside your home feels humid or muggy, the source of the problem is likely moisture leaking inside through your crawlspace. You may also smell musty odors or experience allergy-like symptoms.
  • Increased Electric Bills– A third sign that you should invest in crawlspace waterproofing is an increase in your electric bills. These two things may not seem related, but they are: moisture leaking into your home via your crawlspace can make it harder for your HVAC system to maintain your desired temperature, forcing it to use more energy and ultimately leading to the higher bill.