There are many, many different approaches for drying out damp crawlspaces today. But one of the methods we prefer at Basement Technologies of Western NC is using ATMOX systems and ventilation fans and pairing them with an ATMOX controller.

ATMOX Systems: Do Crawlspace Fans Actually Work?

If the air outside the crawlspace has less moisture than the air inside the crawlspace, moisture removal can occur by using ventilation and fans. When a crawlspace fan exchanges air with outside air, the outside air must be drier to achieve results. The fans in ATMOX systems are designed to only run when the air outside the crawlspace is deemed drier than the air inside. Sensors calculate this by identifying the dew point in the location and then determining if the fans should switch on to help with moisture control.

Crawlspace fans that bring in hotter or wetter air without first identifying the dew point can actually make things worse if this air enters the crawlspace. Only fans from ATMOX have the capability to identify the dew point outside and then only use the fans to bring in outside air at the correct time.

Bringing in outside air is one of the most effective, efficient ways to dry out your crawlspace, which is why we recommend using crawlspace fans so highly. These fans will also improve the air quality in your crawlspace in your home simultaneously. If you’re curious about ATMOX systems and why crawlspace fans can help you keep your crawlspace dry, get in touch with us today.