At Basement Technologies of Western NC, we often use ATMOX products to dry out damp crawlspaces. Some of our favorite ATMOX products that can help you keep your crawlspace dry include the following:

  • Informational sensors—To make effective decisions, you need to have accurate information. The ATMOX controller gets information from your crawlspace’s temperature and humidity sensors. You can also install water alert sensors and wood moisture sensors in your crawlspace.

ATMOX Products That Can Dry Out Your Crawlspace

  • Exhaust and intake fans—Exhaust and intake fans deliver fresh, dry air into your crawlspace to improve conditions in this area of your home. We usually put these fans in exterior vent openings for maximum effect.
  • Internal fans—We can mount internal fans to the joists of your crawlspace to achieve full cross-ventilation in this space. These fans support intake and exhaust fans while keeping air moving within your crawlspace.
  • Crawlspace dehumidifiers—ATMOX systems can incorporate different types of dehumidifiers available on the market by using an adapter. We only use dehumidifiers in select crawlspaces to provide secondary dry action in cases where there is excessive interior humidity.

If you are dealing with a damp crawlspace, we will likely recommend the use of ATMOX products to get this space clean and dry. We may also use a combination of sensors, fans, and dehumidifiers to achieve this. For additional information about ATMOX products and how we can help you dry out your home’s crawlspace, contact us today.