We all know that excess moisture in a basement or crawlspace is not good for our homes. Water intrusion can lead to many issues including structural damage and mold growth. However, it’s not just leaks that can lead to moisture issues. Improper ventilation can also lead to problems in your home’s crawlspace. To know if your crawlspace needs better ventilation watch for these signs:

  • Peeling exterior paint: Moisture inside your crawlspace can cause the exterior paint to peel.
  • Rotting wood: Moisture causes wood to rot. This may be especially noticeable in the ceiling of your crawlspace.
  • Rusted pipes: This is a clear sign that there is too much moisture in your crawlspace.

5 Signs Your Home Can Benefit from ATMOX

  • Pest control problems: Bugs and other pests are often drawn to dark, moldy environments. If you notice rat droppings or other signs of infestation, you will want to call for pest control, along with a crawlspace inspection so you can make sure the pests don’t return.
  • Mold: Mold can’t grow without moisture, so if you have mold growth in your crawlspace, you likely need better ventilation.

No matter what is causing you to suspect you need better ventilation in your crawlspace, ATMOX is a great solution. ATMOX is far more than a ventilation system. It is a technology that measures the dewpoint inside and outside of your crawlspace. This information is then used to determine whether the ATMOX system should run its fans or dehumidifier. This means a worry-free process for you. Here at Basement Technologies of Western NC we are proud to offer this innovative technology to our clients to provide them with lasting solutions for better maintained crawlspaces. We are happy to tell you more about the ATMOX system, so give us a call today.