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Our basement inspection services are detailed, comprehensive and offers valuable information.

A basement can be many things. For some people, it is an additional living space. For others, a basement is an empty storage space that is only visited when they need something. Whatever purpose a basement serves for you, it is an important part of your property. Here at Basement Technologies of Western NC, we offer quality basement inspection services that will help determine if your basement is able to offer a safe foundation for your home in the Hickory, North Carolina area.

Our basement inspection services are highly detailed and comprehensive. Rather than just examining the visible surfaces of the area, we go above and beyond what you are going to get from a general home inspection to look for signs of damage, moisture buildup, and other potentially hazardous problems such as cracks or puddling.

Our services don’t stop at the inspection. If we find damage or signs of trouble, we’ll take detailed information, note it on our drawings, and come up with viable solutions to the issue. Because of our decades of experience in this business, we are able to find the source of many problems that a general home inspection is unable to uncover. By utilizing clear and precise language along with detailed drawings, we are able to explain the issue, the cause of the issue, and how the issue can be resolved.

For many homeowners, the assumption that basements are always damp and musty is a common but flawed one. Basements should not feel damp or musty or have swollen doors, water stains, signs of puddling water, or similar problems. In fact, if you do have any of these issues, we suggest that you contact us right away for a basement inspection. For further information about these services, please reach out today!

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