Basement Inspection Conover NC

We offer comprehensive basement inspections that are more thorough than you might expect.

If you are interested in renovating the basement in your Conover, North Carolina home to utilize it for living space, the first step is being absolutely certain there isn’t a moisture problem. The last thing you want is water damage and mold ruining all your hard work and the investment you have made. A simple, quick basement inspection isn’t going to cut it! You need an in-depth one that is highly detailed and has been done with extreme care.

At Basement Technologies of Western NC, we offer comprehensive basement inspection services that are ideal for this type of situation, as well as for real estate transactions where a buyer wants confirmation there isn’t a basement issue that would keep them from using the space effectively.

You will get a great deal for the modest fee we charge for a basement inspection. Not only do we check for moisture buildup, cracks, puddling, and other signs of a problem, but we’ll also explain the causes of any problems we find and what it would take to resolve them. You’ll get a written report in clear and precise language, along with detailed drawings, that you can use to make an informed decision about moving forward with your project.

We want you to have complete faith that your basement can support the project you have in mind, so we are extremely thorough with our basement inspections. You can also schedule this service because you want to find out if the high humidity, mold issue, or other problems you are having could be caused by basement moisture. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a basement inspection.

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