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Our inspection is so comprehensive that it is often used by buyers and sellers during real estate transactions.

You cannot formulate a solution until you understand the problem. That is why here at Basement Technologies of Western NC, we recommend more than a cursory inspection of your basement or crawlspace if you suspect a moisture issue. It takes a comprehensive inspection to fully assess the situation and a detailed analysis with drawings to be able to properly convey the findings.

While you could call someone offering a free inspection for your Conover, North Carolina home, we believe you deserve a better experience than that. We are able to offer a highly valuable and informative inspection for $125 that is so extensive and detailed that it can be useful during real estate transactions to demonstrate the full picture of what is going on and what corrective measures need to be taken. We work with buyers and sellers who want a full inspection with a written report.

Our inspection involves checking every possible cause for your moisture problems, including why your crawlspace or basement is wet and if your gutters are ineffectively diverting water away from your home’s foundation. When you see the amount of time and effort that we painstakingly put into every inspection, you’ll see it is well worth the modest price we have set to do it.

If you would like to schedule an inspection as a buyer, seller, or homeowner, rest assured that we won’t let anything go unnoticed about the protection or lack thereof that your home has against moisture, pests, and other issues.

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