We recommend having moisture in the basement investigated sooner rather than later.

Some people are under the misconception that as long as you don’t have a soaking wet basement, there is no cause for concern or need to investigate basement waterproofing services. The reality is that even something as seemingly innocuous as moisture in basement areas should be addressed. At Basement Technologies of Western NC, we recommend having any moisture situations investigated because there are several issues you could be having or might soon if the moisture in your basement is not resolved.

  • Humidity- It is ideal for a home to remain below 50% relative humidity, but if you have moisture in your basement, your level could be much higher than that.
  • Mold- All mold needs is a bit of moisture and darkness to activate and colonize. Moisture in the basement can cause mold to start there and then spread, leading to a hefty mold remediation bill.
  • Utility costs- When your AC is working harder to control humidity, it drives up your power bill.
  • HVAC issues- The extra workload on your AC can result in major repairs and premature failure, leaving you to replace the unit far sooner than you should have needed to otherwise.
  • Infestations- Termites and other insects, as well as rodents, are drawn to damp conditions, so if you delay in resolving moisture in the basement, you could need an exterminator too!
  • Health problems- The combination of infestations, mold, and other problems related to moisture in a basement can affect respiratory health and overall health.
  • Foundation issues- Concrete can be weakened over time when subjected to moisture problems.
  • Comfort- It can be difficult to keep your home a comfortable temperature when your HVAC system is struggling to handle humidity.

With all these potential issues related to moisture in the basement, it makes sense to invest in basement waterproofing. Even if you haven’t noticed any problems yet, it isn’t a bad idea to be proactive so you are ready to handle a flood or other surprise situation. Reach out to us today to learn more about our waterproofing services for basements and crawlspaces.