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Protect your home and family from mold with the innovative EnviroShield system.

At Basement Technologies of Western NC, we offer the most innovative and effective ventilation and waterproofing solutions. We don’t just rely on our 20 years of experience, as we believe it is important that we stay on top of developments in the industry so we can always offer you the best solution for your situation.

While our main objective is to make your home’s crawlspace or basement dry, we understand that it is advantageous to be proactive in preventing mold. For example, if you have someone in your household who is highly sensitive to mold spores or you have another reason to need the best option for superior indoor air quality, you need a reliable way to avoid mold.

Our owner, Mike, is currently the only licensed applicator in the area of EnviroShield®, which is a permanent solution to preventing mold. While mold can occur in the damp, dark environment that a crawlspace can provide, there are other moisture causes that can activate mold. With EnviroShield applied, you won’t have to worry about moisture from everyday activities in your home causing a problem.

EnviroShield is a mold prevention product that permits slow water vapor transfer in a controlled manner so that its anti-microbial additives remain in place. Other products do not work this way so the anti-microbial benefit eventually dissipates and the product actually becomes food for a mold colony. Don’t settle for less than the best if you need mold prevention that lasts. Call us to learn more about why EnviroShield is the right option for your situation.

EnviroShield in Conover, NC