Gutter Inspection Hickory NC

Our gutter inspections will help you pinpoint what is causing water damage in your home.

You might be wondering, “What does a basement technologies company know about gutters? How can features on opposite ends of the house be related?” Well, the truth is that your home’s gutters and the basement are more connected than you might think. Our goal at Basement Technologies of Western NC is to help you protect your home from water damage no matter where it is coming from, which is why we offer gutter inspections.

During a gutter inspection, our staff will examine your gutter system and check for clogs caused by sticks, leaves, and other debris. We’ll also check for holes, cracks, rust, detached gutters, and other signs of defective gutters. Gutters that do not function as they ought to can cause drainage issues and pooling or standing water around your home’s foundation. This standing water can then leak into your basement and cause water damage.

A gutter inspection is included with our $125 extensive home inspection, which we designed to cover every area of your Hickory, North Carolina home that may be contributing to water damage and moisture problems. When you schedule an inspection with us, you can be sure we’ll find the source of water that is wreaking havoc on your home. After we’ve thoroughly gone over your gutters, basement, and crawlspace, we’ll provide you with a detailed report to show what we discovered and propose a plan for resolving any issues we find.

If you’d like more information about our gutter inspection services or what else is included in our extensive home inspection, contact us today to learn more.