Keep Your Home In Good Repair

Keep Your Home In Good Repair

Get a thorough home inspection in Hickory, NC or the surrounding area

Do you need a reliable home or basement inspection? If you're looking to assess the condition of your property, the experts at Basement Technologies of Western NC, LLC can help.

For over 18 years now, we've been providing residential inspections to Hickory, NC area homeowners. Our pros have the qualifications and experience needed to provide you with a thorough home inspection.

Call us at 828-441-1717 today to get your home inspection lined up.

What to expect from our inspection process

When you work with Basement Technologies, you're guaranteed an accurate and comprehensive inspection. Here's the way we'll proceed:

  • We'll do a crawl space analysis, which includes a check of pipes, vents, HVAC and ventilation. We'll keep a close eye out for fungus.
  • We'll do a basement inspection, to look for moisture, fungus and foundation cracks. This also includes a pipe check.
  • We'll do an outside inspection, to check on gutters, HVAC and sewer systems. We'll also look for condensation issues.
  • Our inspection pro follows a detailed checklist to ensure that every part of your property is scrutinized.

Get in touch with a qualified professional for premium home inspection services in Hickory, NC or surrounding areas.