A lot can go wrong around the foundation of your home. These are some common drainage and waterproofing issues, and signs that it may be time to call Basement Technologies of Western NC!

When a drain line is incorrectly installed, you will notice washout around the drain.

Vegetation growing through cracks in the concrete means that water is getting down there.

Pipe penetrations can allow water directly into basements and crawl spaces.

It is extremely important to know when to close and to open crawl space vents.

Moisture can cause mortar to deteriorate, causing foundation issues.

Gutters are meant to transfer rain away from your foundation. Leaves can block the flow of rain and put moisture in unwanted places.

Cracks in pavement can be an indication of moisture underneath, and also a way for additional moisture to cause more damage.

Negative grading leads water right back to the home's foundation.